By: Duncan Tan

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Wednesday, 30-Jul-2008 00:43 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The bluesss

I am still a true blooded Arsenal fan although I decided to spend RM83 on a ticket to watch Chelsea Vs Malaysia ! hahaha

My futsal regulars and me suddenly decided " What the heck, lets go see John Terry and Frank Lampard slip on our field ! " I then took a drove down to Subang Parade, paid the $$$ and voila ! 8 tickets to Stadium Shah Alam.

Apparently i read online there was about 80,000 people there last night ! hahaha. Chelsea started with their normal 3 at the back with Wayne Bridge playing instead of Ashley Cole. In the midfield, Lampard, Deco, Joe Cole, Mikel and SWP. Up front was Anelka.

Malaysia started up and played well the entire 90 minutes. We nearly got an early goal in the 3rd minute but the shot went wide. We got a couple of nice runs but I guess we needed passes rather than fancy runs at the sidelines.

I enjoyed myself and i would say this would be my few in the stadium moments watch a live football game.

Petr Cech

Monday, 28-Jul-2008 15:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I stumbled upon a pretty interesting article in the newspaper the other day ( to be exact, the 28th of July 2008 , pg 34 WORLD ). Apparently there was this guy who saw the girl of his dream in New York riding the train in the under ground subway with him. However he lost her in the crowd.

He went back and started this website ( http://nygirlofmydreams.com/ ) and in just 48 hours in a city of 8 million, people were flocking his website, sending him emails and also calling him. Like a witch hunt in the 1600, people were actually helping him find the love of his life ! Surprisingly, the found one another and ended up being together.

Never would i have imagined this kind of scenario were to happen in real life. Always thought it would only appear in the silver screen or even in some mushy mushy I-Love-You story book. Oh yes, remember that Hotlink advertisement a couple of years back with Nora Danish in it. Finally came true huh ?

Yea, its pretty cute too

Saturday, 26-Jul-2008 00:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Gracias !

Honestly, every year when the month of July approaches, I have this bitter sweet feeling rumbling in me. Bitter because another year has passed from the previous year and I ponder if I have done anything significant for myself and also those around me. Sweet because I appreciate those who actually remembers (even if its those notification on facebook and friendster) and wishes me on my birthday !

Guys and gals, I appreciate each and every SMS and calls I receive. Thank you, thank you and thank you again. It is because of people like you all that makes the world a bearable and better place to live in.

Celebrated my 2008 birthday at a new found place called Palete Pallette. Do check it out http://www.palatepalette.com/ if you are ever in KL. Pretty decent place to have a cuppa drink with friend. Anyway, the night before, Alan, Dave, Gan and I went over to 1 u to catch TDK and also had a mini celebration in Italianese. Dave, Sorry if i blew your plans of suprising me ! hahahaha

Thanks again guys and gals. I really love you guys !

See i even tried kissing Kenny !


See, I was really happy !

Monday, 7-Jul-2008 01:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
See what I am trying to say is...


It was like last week that the 3 of us ( Alan, Gan and me ) went and watch the movie " Run Fatboy Run". Halfway in the show, Alan and I caught this really nice song. It was the part where Libby was unwrapping the present from Dennis . And then there was this really cute song playing in the background. As the thought of " What song is this", Alan asked me " eh dude, what song is this "

Before i slept that night, i hunted down the song like an African tribes man hunting down a zebra ! After nearly an hour of looking around and downloading some wrong songs, i finally got it.

Man, the song is really contagious. I had it looping on my creative MP3 player itself that night ! the next day i found the youtube video and started passing it to everyone i know !

So for all ya all, here is the song...

Its by Tom Baxter - Better

*After listening to this song, it makes you feel like getting married and springing out some lil off springs of your own ! *

Tuesday, 1-Jul-2008 03:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I know its been a while since i updated my blog. I think the last entry was in April. Darn. People has been asking why i locked my blog. Hahahaha. Ironic thing is, we often blog to share with others what we do in our lives and all, i am doing the opposite which is to hide my blog ( p/s : its only for these few months .. Why you might ask... will blog about it one of these days )

Anyway, Sim, Steph and Peter was down in KL last month. Its always good to see old and familiar faces eh ? I would say Steph and Peter do make a pretty cute couple together.

Will be heading off to Sarawak in less than 8 days. Really looking forward for it. Work has been really piling up and the pressure is getting to you. Don't get me wrong, i like the workload and the pressure but its the surrounding that gets to you.

Not too sure if you guys heard, Avril Lavinge is heading over to Malaysia sometime soon. Why can't we get some better acts in like Sarah Mclachlan or something. Sheesh... Soilwork was here in KL last month but i missed out on their showcase

Anyway, signing off for now ! ciaoz !

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