By: Duncan Tan

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Thursday, 16-Oct-2008 20:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Daddy's coming home !

After being away for a month, i am finally heading back to my "home base" ! Yes , I definitely miss home a lot. I can't wait to step down at KLIA and breath in the air that has kept me alive for this past 20++ years !

I do hope I can meet up with everyone * hate to mention names here, later if i miss out anyone...* Theres so much to do, but so little time. I will be back for around 2 weeks or so. Although its short, its gonna be LEGENDARY ! LOLZ !

But yet, i am beginning to get use to the life here in Ghana. The single serving conversations i have with a person in the life, the single serving smile i have with so many different people i meet each day, and also the single serving eye contacts i have with everyone around here. Yes, life here is lonely. And believe it when people say loneliness can break a man down ! Hahaha. Imagine eating nearly all your meals alone, coming home to an empty house and nothing much to do on weekends. Sounds depressing huh ?

But its not as bad as it is you know. Looking forward for each visit home, meeting new people each day although its just briefly and living with a new culture is fun. It just takes a little getting use to. Right now, my best friend is my colleague, Nana and my driver ! And i must say, I will miss Ghana when i am in Malaysia. !

Anyhow, peeps, lets meet up ok ?


Thursday, 9-Oct-2008 15:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy " Happy Birthday"'s

To Alan, Gan, Sim, Eu jin and Han Ni,

Happy "Happy Birthday". Sorry can't be there to celebrate with you guys this year.
Hope you guys enjoyed the birthday celebrations and may all you enjoy your days.

P/s : You know why our government are always so proud and often comparing us with other "lower" ranked countries ? Cause these "lower" ranked countries often look up to us. I was having small talk with a colleague here and to my surprise , he knows heck a lot about Malaysia. He knows when Malaysia got our independence ( btw, Ghana and Malaysia got their independence in the same year , 1957 ) , he knows of our history, and he knows about one of our greatest leader, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir. Thats why some of our politicians are so proud at times and often compare us with countries like Ghana ( no offense ) because of the leaps and bound we have progressed since our independence. I would agree that Malaysia has reached quite a good level since independence, but we should look forward and see how we could achieve more. Rather than dwelling on our achievements, we should pick ourselves up and push on further , to see how much we can truly achieve !

Anyway, I meet another Malaysian here. His names Pang from Sabah. But rather than staying back in Malaysia, he is now a proud UK citizien working in London. If we continue to let our "brains" to move out, what are we left with ? Mat rempits ? Lepak kings ? Sigh, i just hope we can realize it before its too late.

Sunday, 5-Oct-2008 10:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark

I never really realize this but with my surname spelled out in full and my last name in its initials, it spells out TANKS ! HAHAHA

I never really noticed it ( duh, after spending nearly 20++ years with this name and i didnt know it ) until my friend posted it on my facebook. Yes, its memang syok sendiri !

Anyway, I realized that tomorrow would mark my 30 days out of Malaysia anniversary. Still trying to get use to this kind of life, but so far so good ! I do like living and working in South Africa. Might even consider migrating there one fine day ! . But thats in the long run, not right now.

Currently i am residing here in Ghana. Ghana oh Ghana, where is your night life ! hahahaha. Yes, there is NO night life here at ALL. I shit you not. What people do here in the night are either

a. Head home and sleep
b. Go to the internet cafe and surf the net
c. Sit around in the cars along the street and chat
d. Look into the stars !

I have spend my last 2 weekends here in Ghana in front of my PC or watching CNN and discovery channel all day. * last weekend was good as the Singapore F1 was on *. But it sort of gave me time to browse through everyones blog and facebook and getting the updates of everyone from there. *i am sounding like a geek*

I do hope my plan to go back to Malaysia in a months time is not postponed or cancel. I am really looking forward to go back and have my plate of nasi lemak. !

P/s: Starting to get sick of staying a 4 by 4 holding cell @ a small hotel cramped room

Tuesday, 16-Sep-2008 06:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Things i have learned about S. Africa and its people...so far...

If you watch Simpsons the movie, thats what Homer like to say... "...so far..."

Anyway, been here for a week already and so far so good I must say. But here is what I have learned about SA and its people...

1. A lady asked me what was tiger balm used for so I told her its for mosquitoes bite, etc. She actually thought it was to "make man stronger ! " LIKE A FREAKING VIAGRA !

2. A golf GTI here is around 240,000 rand, which is about RM120k ! imagine that ! A GOLF GTI !

3. Theres a black community here, probably the largest here in SA called Soweto. Being the only Chinese dude to be in there is scary. They look like they can take you down with one finger !

4. Work here is pretty relax. I have a few colleagues who skipped work to play golf, some came in at 9am and left at 3pm cause they felt lazy to work... If you do that in Malaysia, you might as well pack up.

5. Blacks and whites are quite equal here. But dont ask me to ratio.

6. Rugby and braai is a big thing here. Braai is like a small event where they would have a BBQ in mid-day under the sun, while having a beer or two. The BBQ would usually be a whole piece of meat like mutton, beef or pork !

7. I have a driver for the weekend. His name is Robert. Ever wondered what people do during winter here ? Since its cold and heater is expensive...yeaaaa. you know where i am heading right ? Thats what people do when its cold...

8. Theres no such thing called futsal. Everyone plays football on a dry field ! with no grass ! No wonder Toure has such good pain resistance.

9. A hair cut here cost around 60 Rands. Its like RM30. And thats the cheapest. I miss getting RM12 dollars hair cut

*will be updated soon*

Monday, 15-Sep-2008 09:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tagged I was...by Ju Shin it is...

I Love Your Blog Rules:
1. Pass this award on to 7 people.
2. Answer the following questions using only one word.
( What the hell, its like asking me to dig my nose with my thumb ! Ouchie ! )

1. Where is your cell phone? Pocket
2. Where is your significant other? Table 2906
3. Your hair color? Niggerish
4. Your mother? Goddess !
5. Your father? Principal !
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? Lions
8. Your dream/goal? Satisfaction
9. The room you’re in? Cubicle
10. Your hobby? cracking up people around me
11. Your fear? Loneliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? In a Golf GTI and *your arms* <- wont happen !
13. Where were you last night? My hotel room...
14. What you’re not? Thin... and the guy every guy likes
15. One of your wish-list items? Voltron...big enough for me to ride in !
16. Where you grew up? Raub, Chai Leng Park, Bukit Beruang, Cyberjaya, Subang Jaya
17. The last thing you did? Reading manuals and chatting with Ryan in Pakistan
18. What are you wearing? Adidas sweater, a brown top, a jeans and a sneakers
19. Your TV? I dont own one
20. Your pet? Mitts and Calico, 2 feline cats that i have given away. I love you
21. Your computer? A old P4 desktop...served me well for the last 5 years already !
22. Your mood? Its a people dependent thing. If you are nice, i am nice. if you are mean, i am mean. But overall, good
23. Missing someone? can i skip this ? Yes, there is....
24. Your car? Saga. Regretted buying it as I wont be driving it much for the next few months/years
25. Something you’re not wearing? Underwear ? hahaha. Just kidding...errrr...rings ?
26. Favorite store? Just like Gan, Nike ! But also Gamers Hideout...
27. Your summer? Its summer all year here in Malaysia... !
28. Love someone? Heck, this is a question I cant answer with 1 word ! Mom, Dad, Sis, Grandpa, grandma, aunt, uncle, friends, mitts, calico, Jin, Master chief...the list goes on
29. Your favorite color? Red, but now shifting to brown
30. When is the last time you laughed? A few minutes ago ? my colleagues made a stupid joke....
31. Last time you cried? Honestly, i dont really remember
32. Are you a bitch?If i had a vagina, yes !
33. Favorite Position? On my bed, with the fan blowing, and my legs wide open !
34. Favorite Past Time? Music, hanging out, gaming, movies...
35. Are you a hater or a Lover? Neither. I hate to love and i hate to hate..meaning i hate falling in love...hurts. Why hate ? life is too short for hating...except...
37. Are you genuine or fake? Depends.
38. Any Vices? Food !
39. Pro Life or Wire Hanger? Wire Hanger
40. McCAIN or OBAMA? Obama...
41. Pro Plastic or Natural?Natural
42. Dream Job? Piloting a voltron/robotech/ X wing/ Y Wing/ Millenium Falcon...hahaha
43 where the last 11 questions PINK added on fun? *blur*

Who i wanna tag ?
1. Zulu people ( www.iamblack.com )
2. Nelson Mandela ( www.iwasinjailfor27years.com )
3. The rock ( www.ihavefunnyeyebrowns.com )
4. Darth Vader ( www.iamyourfatherluke.com )
5. Zeus ( www.ishootlightingsfrommyfingers.com )
6. Bill Gates ( www.imakemillionswithoutadegree.com )
7. Wall-e ( www.iamcute.com )

P/s : if you tried clicking the links above, i dont know what to say !

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