By: Duncan Tan

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Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 18:53 Email | Share | | Bookmark

WTF...one of the worlds most used abbreviation and maybe one of the most interesting abbreviation where it can be expanded to form multiple meanings. *thou shall leave the expanding part to you to decide...* But anyway, this special word brings the real meaning of "Wherefore Thy Fascination?"

*...Lucille Eck (1979)

Briefly posted sign outside Mennonite meetinghouse to ward off nosy tourists. "Wherefore Thy Fascination?" later abbreviated to "WTF?" ...*

Check this site out

Aaaahhh, its the time of year where perfumes goes on sale in beautifully wrapped ribbons, christmas carols starts playing over the airwaves, decorations are being hung out especially at shopping malls, and also wrapping papers starts to go out of stock ! You know what it means right...CHRISTMAS IS HERE !

So spread some joy and love around people !

P/s : Pretty soon, I am pretty sure a lot of people would in their blog " My Year in 2008 or 2008..... or or or This Year..." Well, I AM GONNA DO MINE TOO ! Heck, this has been quite a rollercoaster year for me so I am joining in the fun !

Saturday, 6-Dec-2008 22:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark

* Leona Lewis did a cover of this song by Snow Patrol and i must say she did particularly good job at it ! Kudos ! I think i am starting to fall in love with her...*

When we were young, we ran a lot...why ? Either another kid was "It" and was about to tag us, or the we were playing " police and thief" or we just ran around for the fun it.

Once puberty hit, we ran alot too. Either to catch a school bus that we miss, or a medal that was going to the guy/gal on lane 3 ( during school "Hari Sukan" time ) or after a girl...(technically that was considered *running* was it ! )

I guess our whole life we did a lot of this thing called " running " right ? When it comes to work , either we are "running" towards our goal , or "running" away from responsibilities.

But i guess there is another "running" most of us have to go through. That would be the race down the aisle and beyond. I wouldn't say its a race, but rather a long marathon or jog. The alter is just a check point, cause after that the real "terror " begin ( at least for the groom it is ... )

I would be at the "age" right now where receiving [colour=red]"pink/red bombs"[/color] is no longer uncommon. When i was younger, it was either for " Mr. and Mrs. Tan and Family" <- referring to my mom and dad or " Mr. and Mrs Tan" only ! But now, its like " Mr. Duncan Tan ! hahaha. When it comes from someone expected, " wheeee, i am invited". When it came from someone unexpected, it'll be like " Holy crap, these 2 are getting married ! "

Anyway, my point i am getting to is , I am just wondering how come some people are just so eager to walk down the aisle ? Wedding and life long relationship are a marathon, not a sprint ! It doesn't mean that reaching that checkpoint first would mean you are a winner. There is no winner or loser here. Its just that i am so curious and surprised by few friends who have just dated for less than half a year and already having plans to set up the wedding bells. Have they not learned that what they are going through right now are the honey moon stages where all the lovey dovey words come out and presents would mean the sky ? But after that when reality kicks in, its not that sweet anymore ? When you realize, he smells funny, or the way she laughs pisses you off or the way he sits or the way she walk...

I am not saying dont get married at all or you need time to know someone. Its just that whats the rush right ? Yes, some might know a person for a month and it feels like you have know erm forever. I dont deny that happens. But its different when it comes to the person you are going to say " I do" to.

I dont mean to preach or anything here, just that remember about the run. Its no longer a sprint to see who finish first, but an endurance race to see how long you can last..

cheers people... !

Saturday, 6-Dec-2008 22:29 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hey now,now

Checking the back log of my blog, its really been AGES since i last update it !
Pai seh woi !

Anyway, heres some stuff that has been happening lately

1. I was back in Malaysia a month ago. It was a huge relieve to be back ! Well, this is the first time i am leaving home for such a long period and practically the other side of the world ! ( i am at GMT 0 ! , so thats like 8 time zones away ! ) But it felt good you know. Finally being able to see so many familiar faces, speak in hokkien, cantonese and BM, having my favourite food, etc etc etc. But most of all, i manage to meet up with nearly everyone ( except a few which i choose not to mention but you know who you are and how much you mean to me ). Never the less, I appreciate you guys making time to meet up with me. *hugs*

2. Getting use to the hang of Ghana already. I would admit i was a little scared before when i first got here. Try imagine walking into a stadium full of African guys ! You are the only "white" skinned dude there. Even with no spot light shining down on your head, you feel like there was one ! God damn it ! hahaha ! ( I was at 2 games at the stadium and 1 concert ! )

3. Yes i went for a concert in a stadium ! I saw Wyclef, EVE and Mario performed here. And also a few local artist.

4. Got new lens and a bag for my camera ! And still getting the hang of my camera * thanks Dave for the guiding *

5. Gonna be heading home for CNY ! woohoo ! Yee sang, here I come !

Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 14:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trophy Wife

Ok ! Penerbangan aku balik ke Malaysia sudah confirm !
Kalau tidak ada terrorist atau kesulitan, aku akan tiba di tanah yang tumpah darahku pada hari Jumaat ! Yowza !

Sebagaimana yang telah ditulis dalam "entry" aku yang lepas, aku harap aku dapat "meet" up dengan kawan-kawan sekampung aku !

Aku bersembahyang agar kapal terbang aku tak terhempas aku meletup di udara !


"Yam seng" @ Cheers !

Friday, 17-Oct-2008 20:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
May you rest in peace

Some of us wake up every morning , feeling so heavy to head to work or to class or whatsoever it might be. But have we actually thought what if it was our last day in the world ? Would we still feel this way

I got up this morning, had my breakfast, say my morning prayers, put on my clothes and then headed off to work. With all the problems from yesterday still lingering in my head, i started up my laptop and started working.

Suddenly my old friend, Cheah messaged me. " Hey you remember Hwa Chin ? " I was like "yea" . I jokingly said " So wats up ? shes getting married ? " But I would have never thought it would happen cause she is the type of girl who was at the top of her class, smart, teachers pet, a person everyone loved.... Then he replied " She passed away last tuesday cause of liver cancer..."

I instantly fell back on my chair rest, starting blankly at my computer screen. I kept reading his last message over and over again, trying to make any sense of it. She had everything in front of her. Last that i know she just graduated from NUS with a degree in pharmacy and was about to start her career life. Little that i know she was suffering from an illness that will one day take her away from here.

This news really hit me hard. A friend of mine. A friend whom i went to tuition with when i was younger. A friend who shared a laugh or two with me. A friend whom i will now remember even more, as she had just reminded me how fragile life is. I do try very hard living my life to the fullest, every minute, every hour and every day of my life, i do try very hard to do it. But there are times when i still bitch and whine about how sucky life is and all. Imagine being in her shoe. Not knowing when life is going to end for you. Not knowing if the last dinner you had would be the last. Enough said.

To Hwa Chin, rest in peace

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