By: Duncan Tan

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Wednesday, 31-Dec-2008 18:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Goodie bye Too-Jilo-Jilo-Egg

In less than 1000 words, tell me why 2008 was a great year

1. Attended Sunburst , Colbie Caillat , Switchfoot concert and also Rainforest Music Festival
2. Went for hot air ballooning, sky trek, paintball
3. Organized E/// first CSR at Rumah Nur Salam
4. Had a BBQ and steamboat session at my house in Subang
5. Bought my very first car !
6. Got my DSLR !
7. Threw in my resignation letter at Ericsson
8. Visited Joburg, Singapore, Cape Town, Nigeria and Ghana.

But though out the year, the one most important that mattered most to me was that I met a lot of new friends and experienced a lot of new things. It is way too long to name the people i met in this year alone, but I truly appreciate and feel happy that we met.

Secondly, would be the musics and movies i heard and watch though the year ! Ju Shin's song was Jason Mraz I'm Yours. It was a kick ass song for me too ! But i would vote Rufus Wainwright as mine. I can't say which song is the best but all of his songs (cover and originals) were a big inspiration for me. Yes, his songs might not be released this year but it was this year I started listening to him and my vote goes to him Movie i would give a hats off to The Dark Knight. But another Heath Ledger movie i truly enjoyed was Candy. It was awesome !

I did have a talk with David before and both of us agreed that 2008 was a great year. Although the end of the year did not turn up so well, with the credit crunch and all but I do hope everything will be better next year.

Lets pray 2009 will be a great one ok ? Cheerios people !

Psst : Some important dates for me in 2008

1. OBAMA won the seat to the White House !
2. Celtics cliched the NBA playoffs !
3. BN did not win 2/3 of parliament in the general election !

Wednesday, 31-Dec-2008 09:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Ghana has just got through their 5th ( i think) General Election and my oh my, it is an interesting one. After the 1st round of election, the presidential seat was so close, they had to go through a second round. If you don't get votes across the 50 % + 1 vote border, you dont win it. The candidates won 49 %( NPP lead by Nana Akufo Addo) and 47% ( NDC lead by Prof. Atta Mills) respectively.

And yesterday it was around it will go through a 3rd round of election AGAIN to determine the winner ! But it will only be determined by 1 region. It is that close !

But anyway, it is good to see that Africa is slowly moving to a more civilized and democratic state. Democracy is something new here and hopefully in a few years time, we can see it reach a more stable and prosperous state.

Monday, 29-Dec-2008 14:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Alive !

Just got back from Cape Town yesterday and I must say that place is beeee-au-tih-ful !

Anyway, finally got the time to sit down and upload my blog a little. As some of you might know, currently I am working here in Ghana, Africa. As i do not have a work permit here (Only have business visa), i have to leave this country every 60 days. My boss was told me to think of a few places to head to. I was considering Morocco or London. But then the air flight was too costly. So terpaksa-la, change plans and was instructed to to go Joburg instead. Then it came to my mind, since i have yet to go to Cape Town and it was a long weekend why not head on over there. Got the green light from my boss and off I flew to Cape town !

The place was beautiful. I would say one of the few places I would really like to work at one of these days. Imagine it have a mountain just nearby, a beautiful city with state of the art architecture and also rich in history, and the sea just a stone throw away.

I have uploaded most of my pictures in facebook but here is one of it. Definitely a place to visit

Tuesday, 23-Dec-2008 08:26 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Its that time of the year again

But like Easter, where the Easter bunny and egg collection happens, what does gift wrapping, santa and mistletoe comes in.Hahaha..

Friday, 12-Dec-2008 19:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Wake up and smell the coffee !

The world is in peril. Sometimes, all we need to do is just open our eyes...

Recession...If you don't know it already, i think you are either too ignorant or probably under a coconut tree somewhere in the pacific ocean and disconnected from the world for the last six months. It is back and is biting us harder than ever. First the mortgage crunch, then the credit crunch and now in the US, the top 3 car makers are going down. GM, Chrysler and Ford are facing bankruptcy . It is an estimated 2.5 million jobs will be lost if the top 3 goes down. Its ripple affect will be felt all the way from its suppliers ( tyres, dashboard displays, steerings, etc ) to Europe. European car makes currently are in fear that the waves of the top 3 shutting down might also hurt them. ( Volvo is partially own by Ford and SAAB is owned by *i forgot who* )

In Moscow, Russia, some of the laborers are out of jobs as their plants are shutting down. In this desperate times, they would stand by the freeway hoping someone would slowdown and offer them a job. Any kind of job that would pay then a few dollars are taken up like hot apple pie. Even if its cleaning a house toilet or even raking the grass or shoveling the snow on the driveway. This people are not only manual laborers before, but also people who held positions in big corporations.

Zimbabwe has just introduce a 500,000,000 ( 500 million ) dollar note today. You know how much its worth in Usd ? 8 FREAKING USD ! For this 500,000,000 million dollar bill you can buy 2 loafs of bread or 4 box of milk. Thats all ! Apparently a teacher earns 100,000,000 million there and a doctor around 800,000,000 ! Inflation there has soared to nearly 2300 % ! Its not even freaking making any sense in economic terms.

What I am saying here is that, we need to open our eyes at times to see what is happening around us and also the world. I am still shocked at times by people who are so ignorant about it. They can still argue of minor and petty stuff, and yet be so ignorant and "bimbo-ish" or "katak bawah tempurung" about these things. The usual answer would be " aah, wont affect us 1". "Zim bab what ? Never heard of that country before". Arghhhhh !

Imagine if you were born in a place where everything wasn't so nice and to even get to eat once was a blessing... Would you still be so ignorant ?

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