By: Duncan Tan

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Wednesday, 16-Jan-2008 15:51 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Oh man, Gan and i managed to finally get enough people to form 2 team for the pain-ball this weekend. All those training in CS, COD4, Halo, Gears of War is gonna pay of !

Go go go !

Saturday, 5-Jan-2008 16:40 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Switchfoot ?

Anyone interested ?

Reply ASAP !

Saturday, 5-Jan-2008 03:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark

The instructor was going " ...to create a new directory, type the command mkdir.."

Then my phone suddenly rang. It was Khek

Khek : " Dude i got something to tell you"
Duncan: " Whats up man. In a class right now. Kinda bz"
Khek : " Call me back when you are done ! ITS BIG"

I ran out of the class and called him

Duncan : " This better be good ! Whats the big news ? you got a girlfriend ! "
Khek : " No man , even better. I won a date with Jojo Struys ! "
Duncan : " Don't f*ck with me man. Stop Joking ! "
Khek : " Yea man i am not joking and i am bringing you along with me !"

That was basically how our date with Jojo Struys, the Mixfm DJ started. First of all, let me thank you Mr Tay Khek Yang for inviting me as your guest ! . Khek basically voted for Jojo for the "Win a date with a Mix Fm DJ" a couple of weeks back and won !

In case you dont know who Jojo is.

So, after training i went back, took a short nap, bath and headed over to Khek's place to pick him up. Sadly, it was a bad coincidence that both of us wore the same black shirt !

We later headed to PJ Hilton, where the dinner was and we waited anxiously for her. We were kinda scared also cause there wasn't any written letter about the event. In our hearts we hoped it wasn't some January fool prank someone might have played on us !

At about 8 ( we were there since 715 ! ), Jojo and her special friend turned up. Pietro, Joanne, Anu, Lin and Belinda joined us for the dinner as well. It was really fun being able to talk to some famous people from the radio industry. Had a couple of pictures taken and voila...

Saturday, 5-Jan-2008 02:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy new year !

Woohoo ! Its the new year people. Life for me has been pretty hectic. Not having the luxury of going into the office and blog first thing in the morning anymore. so sad...so sad...

But anyway , i guess there will be no point for me to make any new resolutions if i can't achieve them right ? so i guess i will just fit in a few " I wanna achive/do things.... " around the year.

The year 2007 was quite kind to me. I had my ups and downs but never the less, it help me build my character. Let me see what did i do last year.

1. Went white water rafting
2. Celebrated numerous friends ( especially pure E) birthdays
3. Went for a post graduation trip with friends
4. Hung out a lot with microwave's students
5. Had a gathering with my ex-SRC friends
6. ITP and FYP presentations
7. Had my final year prom
9. Started my career with my first job at E///
10. Went to Gopeng for my second round of white water rafting. it was my groups team building
11. Got to know a rocker chick name Joyce
12. Build up better friendship with some new and old friends
13. Bought my very own XBOX 360 !
14. Attended Gwen Stefani, Jacky Cheung, James Morrison and MCR's concert
15. Attended Jeff Buckley's tribute gig
16. Went for Victor and Nad's wedding

Argh, i can't think of anything anymore currently but will update it from time to time.

If u had a bad year last year, lets pray it would be a better one for ya next year.

If u had a great year, lets also pray u will have a better one this year

Happy 2008 everyone !

Monday, 10-Dec-2007 08:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark

yes, i went for their concert yesterday

but no, i dont enjoy their music that much *emo rock that is*

so why the heck still go ? Honestly speaking, i am turning out to be a concert and live gig junkie. i am currently enjoying the feeling of going to them. The different crowd, the different atmosphere and the thought of seeing a band play live is just superb !

I told Dee Lern when i was there, i hardly know MCR's songs. i usually will just change radio station or switch to CD whenever i hear them on the radio. But yesterday, it was there rare few times i ever hear their songs till the end ! Yes i am not lying ! The other few times was when i was sitting in Dee Lern's car and...errrr...i cant remember anymore.

Don't worry, i am still not a sellout to the "real rock" music ! hahahaha.

Anyway, the crowd was mostly teenage kids. But there were some jackass parents who decided to bring their 12-15 year old son/daughters to the concert. I have nothing against these parents but when you start pushing us so that your "not so tall" kids could see the stage, its just plain annoying. There was this particular parent who was pushing his way through the crowd so that his daughter could see the stage. Everyone paid to be there. so its too bad you came late and had to stand in the back ! Or at least, learn to say "excuse me" ! ish...bodoh aaaaaaa

It poured during the entire concert. Everyone was wet and sticky that whole night. Yes guys, your imagination for girls in white all wet came partially true. The rain wasn't heavy enough to make their whole shirt wet, but it did do a trick or two for some....DON'T GET ME WRONG ! I AM NOT A PERVERT. Just stating some facts.... hehehehehehe

So, anyone up for any concerts next? Not too sure who is coming next, but lets go "beramai-ramai" !

One Buck Short

Cutie Natalie and Adam

Pop Shuvit



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