By: Duncan Tan

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Thursday, 14-Feb-2008 03:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Happy Chinese New Year everyone....

This might be late, but

Happy Chinese New Year !

So, stuff yourself with bak kua, cookies, kuih kapit and yee sang and be prepared to gain weight ! But then always remember those that are less fortunate. This year i had a chance to visit some old folks home and it breaks my heart how some children are willing to throw their parents there and leave them to rot. Some of the elderly can't even walk anymore and just lie on the bed the whole day. Imagine the bed sore they are suffering from ! To top it up, they can't even go to the toilet and had to do their business on the bed, and when the stench is so unbearable only others will help clean it up. Argh, curse those wretched children who leaves their parents at an old folks home and not visit them even during CNY or any celebration at all...@%^&@%^*#%^*#^@

Enough of that rambling. My new year had its ups and downs this year. The ups are pretty much the same with everyone where i got to meet up with family members and all, but the sucky thing was, my car air con went KO after i came back from my holidays. And then, i got sick from too much traveling and the ever changing weather.

need to sign off for now. My boss is rushing me for performance report. Toodle doo !

Sunday, 3-Feb-2008 05:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
...and he scores !

Guess whose on top of the EPL now !


Entering the weekend, i felt pretty nervous of this weekends fixture. Arsenal was up against Manchester City, the few teams in EPL who has yet to lose at home. Dropping points at this stage would be disastrous ! Rosicky and van Persie who are still in the sidelines, i was just only hoping for a draw. And yet, we defied the odds again and won by a 2 goal margin, 3-1 !

I am hoping the Gunners will maintain their consistency for another 14 more games in the league and win it this year. It has been 2 years since we got ANY trophy at all. Spurs kicked us out of the league cup with an embarrassing 5-1 defeat at White Hart Lane. Ibrahim from Khazak, was chatting with me and he said "...let them win, it has been more than 10 games since they beat you". Sorry EJ, this is me being a sore loser !
Anyway, Arsenal have a tough fixture up ahead. in the FA cup we are up against the giant Manchester United and in Champions League, it would be the defending champions, AC Milan.

No matter what,even if you win or lose... i would still be your loyal supporter, Arsenal....

Sunday, 27-Jan-2008 03:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Paintball : Requiem

Choose your side ! * Gan or mine *

To all the first timers or second timers or just a paint ball fan, do come and join us at :

Tentative date: 1st March(Saturday) 2008, at TT Sports Subang.

Time: 10.00 A.M till noon.

Cost: Around RM 70 minimum. Another RM 10-15 extra if we need extra bullets (if the 200 bullets ration is finished and we want to go on some more)

All the "unsettled business" will finally be closed. RIGHT GAN ! RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !! !! !

Saturday, 19-Jan-2008 18:15 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tia wei...tia...

(in hokkien in means pain ! )

In paintball, you pay to get shot and bruises all over your body. But heck, its fun !
8 guys and 4 girls decided to spend their hard earned money today to shoot some colored filled bullets at a small field with a couple of handmade bunkers. Each "bullet" they fired was at the cost of RM0.08 ! Imagine putting 8 cents into a gun barrel and shoot it !

Never the less, the amount of fun, sweat and adrenaline we got from the game was just way better than the money we paid. FYI, the cost was about RM71, which is a better amount spend than splashing all that money on clubbing and booze ! No offense dear clubbers !

Gan and i did discuss and we might be organizing something similiar in the future. Maybe around Feb or March, definitely after Chinese New Year. If you are interested, leave me or Gan a message !

Abdul, hands off !

Good to go !

More pics, coming up

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Dave : http://narrowband.org/

Gan : http://ephemerality.wordpress.com/

Private Duncan signing off at 0100 hours !

Friday, 18-Jan-2008 16:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What makes your morning drive enjoyable ?

I dont know about you guys but for me it is definitely the music that the radio plays and also the DJ. Most people i know would either be listening to Fly fm, Hitz FM , Mix Fm or even Light and easy . I have to admit they play a lot of mainstream music and latest hits, most songs which we know and that we can sing too.

I use to listen a lot to Hitz and Radio 4 ( yes, its old ! ) during my younger days and i later i switch to WoW FM, when it was still playing most English music then. I remember Jason Lo use to have 1 session when he was DJ-ing at WoW where he plays a too-old-rebellious teenage kid who stays with his mom. Not too sure if many of you might remember that as WoW did phase out as it did not receive that much support....sadly.

Fast forward to the future. Now the station i listen to everyday to and from work each day is....Red FM ! . Most people i know don't listen to them. Sadly again. But yet i do feel they are a quite a good station. Why i like them...

1. Rather than only playing mainstream and latest hits, they do play a lot of old school songs. It would be hard to name it all here but do try listening to them.

2. They have a rock music night at 12am on Friday !

3. Will and Shaz ( hope i got their names right ) makes good jokes and funny in their own way. I realize most DJ are funny because they act and make an @ss out of themselves. No need to name who right ?

Anyway, if you ever do get bored of your mundane station, try Red fm. The frequency is 104.9 in the Klang Valley. You might enjoy it.

Cheers !

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