By: Duncan Tan

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Friday, 13-Mar-2009 23:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
J'en ai marre

...would mean "I'm Fed Up ! " in French
* I am currently learning French and listening to Alizee really helps...

Had a pretty tough 2 weeks so far for March. The workload that is coming in are more than more than those that are completed. Its the start of the 1st quarter for most companies in the world, thus a lot of plans and ideas are starting to kick off , which would equal to more workload. Averagely for the past 2 weeks, I have clock nearly 14 hours a day including Saturdays ! But everything is still good.

I had an interesting chat with a friend last week. It all started when I saw persons status was all in CAPS and cursing a particular company. Although I was oozing ideas out of my head, I double click-ed on this persons MSN Id and asked whats up. That person was bitching on how bad the company was and etc and the reason for the status was to warn people of how bad the company was.
I wouldn't be the best person to say this as when I get emotional, it always gets the best of me. But then at this rational state, I just feel its just unprofessional for us to start putting up status cursing people directly. And I think many of us either have colleagues and some even bosses in our messengers right ? What will they think about us eh ? The person was commenting that the company wasn't professional. But for us to put up status like that, are we any different for them ? Just got me wondering a little. Thats all.

When is my next trip back ?

I know I don't really listen much to chinese songs, so I am really outdated in it. But this has been one of my all time favourite... wo yuen yi...

Tuesday, 10-Mar-2009 20:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What do you get...

when you put a Malaysian, A Singaporean, A German and a Lebanese + Ghanaian...


Hahaha. Last weekend, Xen (the Singaporean ) and I went to the beach to chill out. We had fresh pineapple, some fresh smoked fish and chicken, and also fresh coconut, while just enjoying the beautiful sun's ray on a Saturday afternnon. It was kinda educational for me too, as I learned a new way to slice pineapple ! haha

Then at night, I joined Xen and Sebastian (the German) at their place for a pasta and Wii night. Thanks a lot to Victor ( Lebanese + Ghanaian) for his projector and Wii set.
We had lobster pasta, which was prepared by Xen. Awesome cooking ! And who says men can't cook !

The German is damn 'leng chai' !

P/s : I think my cooking skills have improved a lot since I started working in Ghana ! But still not as good as those chefs. But hey, let me cook you a meal

Sunday, 1-Mar-2009 21:16 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Thank you , come again !

*imagine this being spoken by an Indian dude running a 7-11 store downtown New York*

The past 2 weeks have been hectic. Since its considered the beginning of the year, projects are busy being initiated and planned. Heck, I hate this time of the year ! Managers will come up with these "great" ideas, and the work will get filtered out to the minions below them, namely US !

But anyway, March 7th would mark the 6 months anniversary I have left Malaysia. Time flew by like Usain Bolt breaking the 100m record ! Haha. But anyway, it has been a great experience for me so far and I think it has been and going to be a great journey for a few more people next.

David Liow (www.narrowband.org ), thanks for all the camera guidance you have given me ! But I would like to wish you all the best of luck in your future undertakings. Back to studying eh? Ps : Get some numbers for me ok ! YOU PROMISED !

Secondly, to another great friend, Mr. Tay Khek Yang ! Welcome to the African continent. I too wish you all the best and be careful ok ? I am still taking up your plan for abalone in Mozambique ok ?

To another dear friend and classmate of mine, Miss Heng Charng Yee (http://charngyee.blogspot.com/ ) How is Singapore treating you ? *She left nearly the same time as me, so Happy 6/7th month anniversary to you too * Remember to invite me to your *special day* ! *whistles*

Oh ya, although this is a little late, Happy Belated Birthday Steph !. All the best ok ? *hugs*

Man, this feels like a dedication post. Heck, dont care la. Oh ya, I got a really close friend who is getting married next January. I promise her, that no matter what I will try to make it for her wedding. Why all the excitement ? Cause she will be the first close friend who is getting married !

isn't she lovely...

Tuesday, 17-Feb-2009 10:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Monday, 9-Feb-2009 19:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Everyday is a winding road

Thank you guys for making the road a little more bearable and fun...

To whom it may concern, thank you even more for making the extra effort to make my trip back a little bit wee more special. You know who you are...

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